Solar Shades

Modern Sun Protection

Stylish UV blocking materials provide superior protection

The sun doesn’t just give people sun burns, although that is one great reason for durable solar shades. Harmful UV rays also can wear out your furniture over time—and it doesn’t always take long. With environmentally-friendly options that benefit both the planet and your loved ones, you’ll be delighted to learn about these window coverings. See how easy it is to accomplish your interior design vision with the best solar shades available!

Solar Shade Styles

  • 1% Openness greatest level of light filtering with highly efficient protection against harmful UV rays.
  • 3% Openness protects your light-sensitive furniture and decor from the sun.
  • 5% Openness allows you to see your TV when it’s bright outside and still blocks 95% of damaging UV rays.
  • 10% Openness gives you the most natural view while still reducing glare on TV screens and computer monitors.

Benefits of Natural Shades

1. Heat and UV protection with a better view.

You’d be surprised how well these light, yet durable shades can stand up to heat and harmful UV rays over time. Reduce the glare on your TV or computer monitor. Enjoy the view, knowing how you’re helping the environment as well as your energy bill.

2. Get advanced control over your privacy.

There are several control types to choose from when it comes to solar shades:

  • Motorized Lift
  • UltraLite Cordless Lift
  • UltraLite Dual Lift
  • Cordless Lift
  • Continuous-Loop Lift
  • Smart Pull with Wand

3. Coordinate inside with outside with our great external solar shade options.

Solar shades give you the flexibility to block light before it enters your home, or you can shade your outdoor living space. Wherever you’d like to relax, you should be comfortable:

  • Lower your energy bill even more by blocking the sunlight before it enters
  • Protect your investment on your interior design elements from harmful UV rays
  • Stabilize your outdoor solar shades with a bottom notch for anchoring to a wall or other construction
  • Weather, humidity, and sun resistant materials of external solar shades are outdoor rated for lasting quality

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Why buy natural shades from A to Z Blinds?

We can cut many types of blinds and shades to fit a window if they were ordered too big. Please call us to find out if we can help you with your specific situation. Some people may ask what is better than cutting blinds down to fit in small windows? Getting reliable measurements is the ideal way to prevent the need for cutting blinds and shades. We guarantee our measuring services so that you can rest assured that your shades will fit the first time we order them.

You may know exactly what you want when you call us, but we add value to every customer interaction by ensuring that you know the best options available for each style, we can show you exactly how the material will look in your home, and we often share what types of blinds tend to break the most, which can save you time and money.

All blinds will break eventually. Sometimes, all that is needed is a small, hard to find part, which we keep in abundance in the back office of our showroom. We are glad to bring replacement parts by your home to install on the spot, which means less down time for your blinds since you won’t have to miss them overnight or even bring them in to us.

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Ben Woodruff, former customer
Ben Woodruff

“The blinds were excellent quality and stood up to my three small children and two small dogs. When I sold my house, they helped make the photos look so good! — Thanks Tina!”

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