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Also sometimes called “zebra shades,” layered shades offer a unique look with great practical benefits. With designs you can’t find with other blinds and shades, you’ll be delighted by the fit and finish they add to any room. Take a look at the variety of patterns and textures and be sure to let us know if you have any questions. We’re excited to offer these very special shades and look forward to hearing from you if you’re interested!

Layered Shade Control Types

  • Continuous-Loop Lift allows smoothly and conveniently raising and lowering your shades
  • Motorized Lift replaces your shades’ cords with button operated controls that provide peace of mind

Benefits of Layered Shades

1. Easy & complete control over privacy and light.

Whether light or dark outside, you’ll be able to get maximum control over the view from your home. Zebra blinds are made up of linear stripes or bars, and each one has a neighbor behind it that can overlap to let more light through, or alternate to optimize your privacy.

2. Unique, modern designs.

These shades will be truly one of a kind and will help accent your home in a way that works best for you and your unique style. Choose from a variety of exclusive patterns, prints, and textures. The fabric of your shade wraps around the standard cassette at the top, which mounts to your window frame and coordinates perfectly with the material.

3. Add motorization for abundant ease.

The option for motorized controls offers even more convenience and control. Whether your shades are mounted above your stairwell or behind your furniture, you’ll be glad to have the ability to reach out and control your shades remotely. Plus, our motorized blinds and shades can be automated by integrating with your smart-home system.

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Why buy layered shades from A to Z Blinds?

We can cut many types of blinds and shades to fit a window if they were ordered too big. Please call us to find out if we can help you with your specific situation. Some people may ask what is better than cutting blinds down to fit in small windows? Getting reliable measurements is the ideal way to prevent the need for cutting blinds and shades. We guarantee our measuring services so that you can rest assured that your shades will fit the first time we order them.

You may know exactly what you want when you call us, but we add value to every customer interaction by ensuring that you know the best options available for each style, we can show you exactly how the material will look in your home, and we often share what types of blinds tend to break the most, which can save you time and money.

All blinds will break eventually. Sometimes, all that is needed is a small, hard to find part, which we keep in abundance in the back office of our showroom. We are glad to bring replacement parts by your home to install on the spot, which means less down time for your blinds since you won’t have to miss them overnight or even bring them in to us.

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Ben Woodruff, former customer
Ben Woodruff

“The blinds were excellent quality and stood up to my three small children and two small dogs. When I sold my house, they helped make the photos look so good! — Thanks Tina!”

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