Wood Blinds

Blinds that Offer Beauty and Durability

Discover the value of these traditional blinds

The natural beauty of real wood blinds is more than just being trendy, but establishing your home with a sense of style that goes beyond the fads. Our hand-crafted wood blinds are great for kids and pets, built to last through intense heat and other environments, and are sustainably manufactured for the best quality at a value you’ve come to expect. Enjoy a preview of these pleasantly surprising options and we’ll be available for any questions you may have!

Wood Blinds Styles

  • 1″, 2″, and 2-3/8″ Hardwood slats are100% North American sourced and designed for reliability and appeal
  • 2″ and 2-3/8″ Hand-finished Hardwood slats are treated by hand with custom colors or our pre-selected options
  • Wood Vertical Blinds fit perfectly and provide exclusive quality and beauty for large windows and sliding doors

Benefits of Wood Blinds

1. Locally sourced wood for your window treatments.

Unlike most other wood blinds you can find on the market, ours are manufactured with wood grown and processed in the United States. Hardwood boards are assessed for quality at each step of their journey to becoming slats for your blinds. Our blinds not only embody the essence of natural beauty, but they also provide jobs for our neighbors and warmth for your home.

2. Get advanced control over your view.

There are several control types to choose from when it comes to cellular shades and cellular blinds:

  • Wand tilt allows for better control with a wand color-coordinated to match your blinds. Available with cord or cordless lift.
  • Cord tilt provides greater durability and ease than a wand by controlling your view with a simple pull of either of two cords. Available with cord or cordless lift.
  • Motorized tilt makes hard to reach blinds easier to rotate open and shut with an easy button press. Available with cord lift.

3. Advanced privacy and light control options.

Choose from no holes or decorative cloth tapes for a better way to block out prying eyes and excessive light. Route holes can be eliminated or covered in a way that adds style and a unique finish.

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Why buy wood blinds from A to Z Blinds?

We can cut many types of blinds and shades to fit a window if they were ordered too big. Please call us to find out if we can help you with your specific situation. Some people may ask what is better than cutting blinds down to fit in small windows? Getting reliable measurements is the ideal way to prevent the need for cutting blinds and shades. We guarantee our measuring services so that you can rest assured that your shades will fit the first time we order them.

You may know exactly what you want when you call us, but we add value to every customer interaction by ensuring that you know the best options available for each style, we can show you exactly how the material will look in your home, and we often share what types of blinds tend to break the most, which can save you time and money.

All blinds will break eventually. Sometimes, all that is needed is a small, hard to find part, which we keep in abundance in the back office of our showroom. We are glad to bring replacement parts by your home to install on the spot, which means less down time for your blinds since you won’t have to miss them overnight or even bring them in to us.

What Customers Say About Us

Ben Woodruff, former customer
Ben Woodruff

“The blinds were excellent quality and stood up to my three small children and two small dogs. When I sold my house, they helped make the photos look so good! — Thanks Tina!”

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